Indigenous varieties, clean olive groves, integrated farming, timely harvesting and ripening of the fruit, precise and quick processing, as well as careful storage of the oil, are all important factors of quality of Oio Vivo olive oil. These factors are determined by the producer in an everlasting pursuit of excellence. On the other hand, nature has already chosen the area of Vodnjan in Istria – a part of the Mediterranean, where high-quality olive oil is being produced for millennia.

Oleum Maris Oio Vivo


Oleum Maris Oio Vivo

In touch with nature

Oio Vivo Istrian olive oil is a natural product – the juice squeezed from the fruit of indigenous varieties of young, fresh olives from pure varietal olive groves, with all the valuable biological and nutritional ingredients completely preserved. Scientific analysis confirms what is a clear fact in nature: top quality extra virgin olive oil supports, strengthens and celebrates the life within us!

Vision, responsibility and innovation

A clear vision, determination, unity, application of innovation, together with responsibility, respect for the community and nature, are the core company principles. The olive groves of the Oleum Maris company – the producer of the Oio Vivo olive oil, have risen from the site of a fire devastated pine forest. Growing there today are young, pure varietal olive trees that spread across 56 hectares, only 4.5 km away from the sea.

Oleum Maris Oio Vivo