Oio Vivo

Our vision is to offer all customers of Oio Vivo olive oil a complete experience related to olive growing and production of top quality olive oil in an attractive, geographically well positioned location with the possibility of tasting and buying not only olive oil, but also other local products.

Oio Vivo


It took us a lot of courage, togetherness and strength to build the largest olive grove in southern Istria on fire-devastated land. With our own funds, but also with the help of the local community, we decided on new challenges, starting a company based on the principles of socially responsible business. Continuous training, quality care, application of innovations in cooperation with professional institutions, are our foundations on which we base our entire work.


Oio Vivo
Oio Vivo


We are continuously cooperating with scientific and educational institutions in Croatia and Istria in order to improve are own business and help educate new experts in olive growing through the acquisition of practical knowledge about olive growing, production and processing of olive oil.

  • Prototype of a machine for watering olive groves and fertilizing
  • Cooperation with the Polytechnic of Poreč
  • Cooperation with the public school of Pula – Diopter – education of adults in olive growing
  • Cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture
  • Cooperation with the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism in Poreč


We are innovators  in the production of useful machines and tools that can improve the maintenance of olive groves, and thus we devised a prototype machine for watering olive groves and fertilizers that through built-in sensors saves fertilizer by properly dosing water to which liquid humus is added.

We cooperate with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, the Polytechnic of Poreč, the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, also in Poreč, and the public school in Pula – Diopter – in connection with adult education programs in olive growing.

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