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Oio Vivo - maslinik


Our olive grove of 56 hectares with 15,000 trees is situated in a prime location for olive growing, at an altitude of 60-120 m above sea level, only 4.5 km away from the sea. Laid out between Vodnjan in the north and Pula in the south, in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula with the beneficial flow of warm sea air from the Rasa Bay in the east and the Brijuni Islands in the west.


Oio Vivo - Oleum Maris

Oleum Maris is a young company founded in 2005 on the grounds of diversity, tolerance and unity.

The company owners showed courage in embracing a new beginning – by planting the largest olive grove in southern Istria on previously fire devastated land. Together, through their own means and with the help of the local community, they opted for new challenges, starting a company based on the principles of socially responsible business. Continuous training, care about quality, innovation in collaboration with professional institutions, are the basic principles of Oleum Maris. The company’s vision is to offer their customers an overall experience related to olive growing and creating high quality olive oil produced at an attractive, well positioned location.

Map of the olive grove

Olive grove is divided into a regular orthogonal grid, recalling the Roman legacy of land centuriation – a method of land measurement, within which five native olive varieties, plus the the two Italian ones, are cultivated.

Oio Vivo - mapa maslinika

Visit the olive grove

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General information

Surface: 56 hectares
Number of olive trees: 15,000
Native varieties: Busa, Istrian bjelica, Rosignola, Zizolera and Busa puntosa
Foreign varieties: Leccino and Pendolino
Agrotechnical measures: integrated farming
Oil storage at olive grove location
Tasting room at the location of our olive groves

About our olive growers

Click on the link below to watch a report about our olive growers that aired on the TV channel HRT 4.

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The Oleum Maris business ethos is based on the principles of socially responsible business in which business decisions are based on ethical principles taking social responsibility into account.

Responsibility of the company is reflected through:


The Oleum Maris company continuously collaborates with scientific and educational institutions in Croatia and Istria in order to improve its business and help educate new professionals in olive growing through the acquisition of practical knowledge about olive cultivation, production and processing of olive oil.

Prototype of the machine for watering and fertilizing the olive grove

Collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Poreč

Collaboration with the Open University Pula – Diopter – education of adults in olive growing

Cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb

Cooperation with the Institute for Agriculture and Tourism in Poreč

Inovatori su u proizvodnji korisnih strojeva i alata kojima mogu poboljšati održavanje maslinika, te su tako osmislili prototip stroja za zalijevanje maslinika i gnojenje koji posredstvom ugrađenih senzora štedi gnojivo ispravno dozirajući vodu kojoj je dodan tekući humus.

Kompanija surađuje sa Agronomskim fakultetom u Zagrebu, Veleučilištem u Poreču, Institutom za poljoprivredu i turizam, također, u Poreču, te Otvorenim učilištem Pula – Diopter – vezano uz programe edukacije odraslih osoba u maslinarstvu.