Oio Vivo prodavaonica

The store of gold-awarded extra virgin olive oils, Oio vivo, on the road from Pula to Vodnjan, opens its doors to visitors in the middle of the largest olive grove in the south of Istria. The design of the store, modern straight lines combined with the warm colors of earth and sand, is signed by the award-winning world architect, Bruno Juričić.

The dark walls and contours of the space highlight strength and durability, between which opens a beautiful large glass wall with a view of the coast, the sea and olive trees of local Vodnjan varieties planted in 2009. Definitely the most memorable moment of the ambience is the one that offers the viewer to reach for the most beautiful through the slightly darkened glass wall parts of the coast of southern Istria, all the way to Pula and the island of Brijuni.

On the shelves are world gold medals for the quality crowned Istrian varieties of olive oils, among which are Vodnjanska buža, Rozinjola and Istarska bjelica.

Žižolera, an olive variety, was revitalized in the olive grove a few years ago, where 700 trees of this rare type of Vodnjan olive have been cultivated and cared for ever since, it is included among the top 20 extra virgin olive oils in the world!

The extra virgin olive oils we offer are the result of many years of effort and work. The goal of achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality of our oils was achieved, which was recognized by the biggest experts at fairs from New York to Tokyo. On the shelves of the store you will find 4 labels of single-variety extra virgin olive oil of the local varieties Vodnjanska Buža, Žižolera, Rozinjola and Istarska bjelica and two blends, one of which is milder and more delicate and the other more intense and powerful.

Oio Vivo
Oio Vivo prodavaonica

In addition to oil, we also offer truffle-based products, fig marmalade, the best Istrian brandies produced by Aura and Krulčić, aromatic aceto balsamico as well as cherry vinegar, Istrian wines Medea, Fakin, Cossetto, San Martino, Bertoša. We also offer great wines from other parts of Croatia, and here you can also find top Croatian gin Old pilots and much more.

The store’s offer, attracted many guests who stopped by us this summer, especially those who had not yet had the opportunity to get to know our products. Curiosity was the motive for their arrival, and after tasting our oils, their sincere recognition and satisfaction on their faces was our reward and confirmation that we are on the right track.

We are glad that we could share our passion and the quality of our extra virgin olive oils with many people, and we invite you to visit us and taste our oils. You will be captivated by the aromas of green apple, wild arugula or artichoke, light bitterness and spiciness that is gradually born and fills your mind with the best dishes to pair them with.

We wish you a good apetite with our extra virgin olive oils Oio Vivo!